Human-Vehicle Collaboration
and enhance safety

Improve safety beyond traditional driver monitoring


Based on over 15 years of neurocognitive research and 3 years of development, ADAM DETECT (patented) is the world's first and only product that can monitor & understand a Driver's cognitive state, detecting impairments, drowsiness, and distraction, thus preventing road traffic accidents before they occur.


Follows the DETECT introduction, ENHANCE (patented) provides seamless Integration with the Driver’s cognition and enhance his situational awareness to improve driving performance in various scenarios when load & distractions affect capabilities.
Flexible and modular software based-solutions
ADAM DETECT and ENHANCE are software based-solutions that can be integrated on-top of any existing DMS or a stand-alone solution. Whereas traditional DMS look at the physical attributes, the ADAM platform can understand the real-time cognition state of the driver. Our architecture enables robustness and scalability to provide highest possible safety for any system with a Human-in-the-Loop.

ADAM Cognition Layer Solutions for the Automotive sector

DMS Software

Physical Layer

Head, eye, posture tracking

Driver identification

ADAM Software

Cognition Layer

Adam Detect

Measure Driver’s Cognitive state baseline
Measure real time deviation from Cognitive state baseline
Classify impaired / not impaired
Provides early indication of Cognitive state to prevent errors


Map Risk: zones / scenarios / objects
Seamlessly mitigate risk to Cognitive awareness
Seamlessly maintain Cognitive awareness with risk
Significantly enhance Response time & situational awareness
Keeping up with regulations
Advanced driver monitoring and enhancement systems requirements are heading towards cognition layer solutions as the key to safety and automated driving introduction.

ADAM DETECT Advantages

Personalized Approach
We all understand that each of us is a bit different, there is no one size that fits all. Therefore we at ADAM have adopted a personalized approach. Our algorithms learn your driving behavior, reactions, and build a personalized capability baseline.
Safety time-window
All actions begin and end with our brain. Actively sampling the cognitive channel responsible for driving allows us to provide early indication of declination in capabilities preventing the next accident.
We believe drivers should be focused on one thing, driving. Building interfaces that integrate smoothly with driving task is our mission.
Scientific Based
Our algorithms are based on over 15 years of research in the field of cognitive neuroscience.
In the last years we have executed a development to bring this research to life. developing the world's best driver capabilities management system.
Private and Secure
We care about your drivers' rights to privacy.
We store anonymous data in a secure cloud to ensure monitoring is kept for safety purposes.
Our solutions are flexible with customers' data security policy and in compliance with GDPR & CCPA .
Multi-sensor Approach
ADAM's robust capability assessments is based
on multiple sensors, in addition to active cognitive monitoring, we also read vehicle's CANBUS, GPS location and basic behavioral monitoring.