ADAM for Fleets

Driver Capabilities Management System

Over 90%* of accidents are due to the human factor, Outfit your fleet with ADAM solutions to predict and prevent them.
* NHTSA's National Center for Statistics and Analysis,2015

ADAM DETECT for Fleets

Stationary Unit
Monitors driver's subjective capabilities before driving starts to approve shift
Mobile Unit
Monitors driver's subjective capabilities during driving to prevent error and accidents
Present fleet's drivers capabilities to enable fleet risk control
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ADAM DETECT Advantages

Personalized Approach
We all understand that each of us is a bit different, there is no one size that fits all. Therefore we at ADAM have adopted a personalized approach. Our algorithms learn your driving behavior, reactions, and build a personalized capability baseline.
Safety time-window
All actions begin and end with our brain. Actively sampling the cognitive channel responsible for driving allows us to provide early indication of declination in capabilities preventing the next accident.
We believe drivers should be focused on one thing, driving. Building interfaces that integrate smoothly with driving task is our mission.
Scientific Based
Our algorithms are based on over 15 years of research in the field of cognitive neuroscience.
In the last years we have executed a development to bring this research to life. developing the world's best driver capabilities management system.
Private and Secure
We care about your drivers' rights to privacy.
We store anonymous data in a secure cloud to ensure monitoring is kept for safety purposes.
Our solutions are flexible with customers' data security policy and in compliance with GDPR & CCPA .
Multi-sensor Approach
ADAM's robust capability assessments is based
on multiple sensors, in addition to active cognitive monitoring, we also read vehicle's CANBUS, GPS location and basic behavioral monitoring.

How it works?

Installation of ADAM platform is done by our approved safety integrators and takes only a few minutes.
Driver Registration
Drivers register easily via an app or dedicated station installed in your premises.
Learning Phase
After everything is in place, our algorithms are getting to know each of your drivers personally, this usually takes a shift or two.

In-cabin warnings are activated keeping your driver safe and engaged with the driving mission.